Security Essentials

Layer 1 is focused on implementing best practices and covering the basics. A strong IT security foundation is critical—a vulnerability in Layer 1 can compromise all the layers beyond it.

  • Endpoint Protection (Anti-Virus, AEP)
  • Microsoft and Third-Party Patch Management
  • Firewall Advanced Security Subscriptions
  • SPAM Filter
  • Web/Content Filtering
  • Password Complexity/Account Lockout Policy
  • Role-Based Access Control: files, apps, systems
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • WiFi Security
  • IT Asset Documentation/Password Management
  • Network Monitoring Agent

Business Continuity

Layer 2 keeps your business running even if your local systems are compromised. Relying on a simple backup is no longer enough—every business needs a full-featured business continuity solution.

  • Comprehensive Image-Level Backup
  • Local Backup (every hour) and Instant Virtualization
  • Offsite Backup (nightly) and Cloud Virtualization
  • Backup Verification/Ransomware Detection

User Education

Layer 3 turns your biggest vulnerability—your people—into a strong line of defense. Most security breaches are caused by user error, so education and training are critical for any cybersecurity strategy.

  • IT Security Policies
  • Annual Cybersecurity Training & Testing
  • Weekly Reminder Videos
  • Email Phishing Simulation
  • Tracking/Compliance Verification Portal
  • Employee Security Score

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